Tetherdown Trundlers Cricket Club

fatum nos privet etiam parvis victoriis

Welcome to the Tetherdown Trundlers website. The Trundlers are a loose affiliation of cricket-loving ne'er-do-wells based around parenthood, or former-parenthood, of the Tetherdown Primary School in Muswell Hill, North London. We can also be found on Facebook, here.

The club was founded in 2011 and its fixture lists grows annually, just as its win/loss ratio fails to. We tour annually, once domestically and once internationally. Legend has it we have won a couple of games, but when pressed no-one can recall exact dates or times, and the reports and statistics of these matches appear now lost to history.

Our match record is enjoyable, if unremarkable. On the other hand our match reports are remarkable, if unenjoyable.

Malta Tour Video